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Finding the best slots can be a difficult and time consuming task, that’s why we’ve done the job for you! Here at Casino Top Ten we’ve made it our mission to create the definitive list of the best online slots. All the sites in our list have been approved by a team of slot experts. So you can play safe in the knowledge that you are enjoying the best online slots around.

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How do Top 10 Casinos Online know which slot is best?

Our team is well versed in the world of online casinos and slots. Our great experience means we are pretty knowledgeable about what makes an online slot worth playing. We have reviewed the great amount of slots available and selected 10 slots we believe are best. While it is merely opinion we have based our list on important factors such as the selection of slot games available, the promotions and welcome bonuses offered, the security and safety of the site, payment methods and withdrawal times.

Are some slot games better than others?

This is up to the preference of an individual. While newbie players may focus on finding a slot game that is a particular theme or contains an association to pop culture e.g. Gordon Ramsay: Hell’s Kitchen slot. More experienced players may focus on high volatility slots. Essentially it is up to the player to pick the factors that will decide the best slot game for them.

What do the different slot symbols mean?

There are predominantly four different types of slot symbols: standard, wilds and scatters.
Standard symbols: These are your bread and butter of slots symbols, they have one basic worth and a player will receive a payout when they receive at least three matching symbols in an active payline.
Wild symbols: These symbols are particularly useful to players as they can serve as a replacement for any other standard symbol. They essentially can help boost your chances of getting a winning payline. Within wild symbols there are several different types each that will offer a slightly different benefit.
Scatter symbols: Typically the rarest type of slot symbol, the function of the scatter symbol is to typically activate free spins or a bonus game. Most slots usually require 3 scatter symbols to appear in a real to activate a bonus.
Multiplier symbols: As you might guess, the purpose and benefit of multiplier symbols is that they can multiply your wins. However, of course for the multiplier to come into effect there must be a winning payline in your reel.

Before playing a slot, it is important to check what images represent each type of symbol.